Dark Star

by Sauvignon




All songs written and arranged by Sauvignon*

Sauvignon is Ryan Taylor and Gretchen Hileman. We would like to thank our families and our friends for their support.

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of Victoria Alviti, you were the brightest shining star and you will forever be in our hearts


released 08 August 2011


*Gregory Koller appears as a guest guitarist on 'Automaton', 'Blinded', and 'Blow Too Far Away', and also cowrote and plays guitar on '(we could say) more than we need for'



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Track Name: Blow Too Far Away
Blow Too Far Away

Within the winds of change, I blow too far away.
Lost...and I want to be found
I'm waiting.
Living, loving, learning, hating...

Daring to let it all show...no control to let it all go.
Be free in my soul...golden glow.
Waiting...for everything to blow my way...
It's frustrating.

Wading in these tides of time, my feet leave the ocean floor.
Drifting way too deep, I no longer see the shore...
Searching...three sixty degrees...someone save me...
I'm drowning.

Daring to let it all show to no control to let it all go...
Be free in my soul...golden glow.
Waiting for everything to drift my way...
It's frustrating.

by G. Hileman
Track Name: Bflat

For a minute, I'll surrender with my moments in my hands.
I gathered them like shells while lying mindless in the sand.
So I closed my palms and stilled my thoughts to let my story fly...
and like a dream its abstract view confused my inner eye.

I would love to see some order, a pattern or and end.
So I closed my eyes wishing I could pretend.
For a minute, I'll surrender allowing life to just live me.
To live a day without a why is pure simplicity.

by G. Hileman
Track Name: More Than We Need For
You know and I know that
We could be more than we
See in reflection

More than
Simple Imperfection

We could say more than we
More than we need for

We could work behind the desk

We could stand up and wield the knife

We could work behind the desk
Exhausting Life

We could stand up and wield the knife

R. Taylor
Track Name: Reflect

Teetering on stone walls made of clay
Hardened imprints left behind.
A name sets in wet concrete...
Forever in time...Permanently signed.
Solid love in false earth etched too deep to fade
Solid love in true heart easily broken away.

Eroding stone molds moments washed in the rain.
Softened edges expose the depth.
A dream ends in cold silence...
Cause and effect...Pause and reflect.
Fossiled time lay like fault lines predictably untamed
Fossiled time lay like veins flowing arteries of change.

~LeGretch~ 2005
Track Name: Painted Walls Pastel Lines
Painted Walls Pastel Lines

Angry skies.
Flaming eyes.
Dragon Flies.

She walks along and passes time
The years go by and still she's climbing
Painted walls and Pastel lines...
and still she's trying to get away from everything.

Washed away in velvet rain
Drenched in pedals....solemn pain.
She's bundled up, but still feels cold.
A screaming fit, but still she told him
Flowers bloom and she's still holding onto the old ones

So carry on and she will change.
So carry on and she will change...

So hold on like lovers do...
Someday's black and someday's blue,
but I see red this time around and I know just what to do...

Rain falls heavy somewhere every day
and shadows aren't seen sometimes,
but in the end the poem sings out
and heals with its own magical rhymes...
and heals with its own magical rhymes...

by G. Hileman
Track Name: Thoughtless

Monday Sept. 1, 2008
Silverlake, CA

No words.
Quiet head-space transforms transparency
Belonging here
Allowing time to be more than a concept
Observing its joke
So I remain...grounded
The being out there
There's nothing there
It exists in here...inside.
Places impossibly unable to be explored
Not today
No pause from fear
Lazily...I don't care anymore
Where gut wrenches heart
It's beautiful here
Delusional opera
Human existence until next
Possibly black
Energy needs no host to live to travel
Tired yawn
Jumps off of my tongue with a simple
And this will be my moment
I will finally be me
Still minds expand
Clear heads create
Deep soul love
Chrystal walls become open
Open doors
No shrilling crash
Silence is the bell
That deep breath will be the out
And energy will float away...freely
Rhythm without tempo
Organic natural pace
Defined in one word.....Breathe.
Inhale magic...exhale flow...
This is our life.

by Gretchen.
Track Name: Reflect Reprise
Eroding Moments

Teetering on stone walls made of clay
Teetering on stone walls made of clay
A name sets in wet concrete forever in time.

A name sketched in wet concrete sealed in time
Eroding stone molds memories in the clay.
No more tomorrow only today.
Eroding moments....
Eroding moments...
Teetering on time
Teetering...there's no time.

Stone-like moments sealed in time...sealed in time...
Reflections unwind.
Sealed in time...
Reflecting moments teetering on my time

And there's sometimes too much time
Passing moments isn't always easy...
Replace the memory...
Start anew....

For you....

Washing away this time
Walking away....
Walking away...

by G. Hileman